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The Best Restaurant Views in LA, A New Mask Mandate and more to know this week in LA

Real Estate in the News

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Home Buyer Bidding-War Rate Drops To Lowest Level Since January

After months of mayhem, the housing market is finally cooling off a bit. While July’s bidding-war rate was the lowest since January, it was still more intense than the 57.9% bidding rate in July 2020, when the housing market was recovering after a shutdown caused by pandemic restrictions, according to Redfin, a technology-powered real estate broker. Read the story here.

Local Events and Happenings

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20 L.A. restaurants with astounding views of the city

Whether hiking or driving, Angelenos are willing to put in the work for a memorable view—and the same goes for eating—though with a little less cardio required. In a city spread between the ocean and the mountains, it’s no surprise that restaurants with spectacular views, whether on the beach or a rooftop, are in no short supply. Get the list here.

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L.A. County will now require masks at large outdoor events like concerts and sports games

Another month since California’s reopening, another step back to more restrictions. In July it meant the return of L.A. County’s indoor mask mandate, regardless of vaccination status. And now, it means the return of masks in some crowded outdoor settings. Find out more here.

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14 Essential Omakase Feasts in Los Angeles

Omakase. It’s a welcome phrase in any city, especially Los Angeles. When “trusting the chef” to create a tasting menu, it places diners into the hands of skilled personnel with carefully selected ingredients. It’s beautiful. Get the list of must-try places here.

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

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8 Kitchen Shelf Ideas to Maximize Every Inch of Space

It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen is especially expansive or incredibly tiny—every cooking space has room for shelving. In fact, the more cramped your kitchen, the more important it is that you’re able to access all of your key dining essentials and ingredients without having to search high and low every time you’re about to prep a meal. Get inspiration here.

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The Ultimate Pre-Vacation Checklist for Your Entire House

Find Food 52’s list of each and every thing to do and prepare for in the time leading up to your next great adventure—aside from remembering to pack that novel you’ve been meaning to read all year. Get the list here.

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Citrusy Chicken Breasts & Crispy Potatoes Worth Firing Up the Grill For

Inspired by mojo, a Cuban marinade and sauce, these grilled chicken breasts from Adrianna Guevara Adarme—the food blogger behind A Cozy Kitchen—are full of bright, citrusy flavors and pack a garlicky punch. Get the recipe here.