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EcoBroker® Advantage

EcoBroker® is the premier green designation program for real estate professionals.
EcoBroker Certified® professionals help clients market properties with green features, save money, and live comfortably, through energy efficiency and environmentally-sensitive choices.

Founded in 2002, EcoBroker is the first and largest green real estate training and communications program in the world. With members in all 50 United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and New Zealand, EcoBroker and its members serve real estate consumers, communities, and the environment with an unparalleled level of care, commitment, and follow-up. With the benefit of oversight from the Association of Energy and Environmental Real Estate Professionals (, EcoBroker’s green designation training and communications provide professionals with the resources to be constructive green ambassadors in an ever-changing business and consumer world.

EcoBroker offers education and tools to real estate professionals that in turn help consumers take advantage of energy efficiency and environmentally sensitive design in real estate properties. Through EcoBroker’s unique energy and environmental curriculum, real estate professionals acquire the knowledge and resources to become Certified EcoBrokers. These real estate professionals assist clients in their pursuit of properties that provide affordability, comfort and a healthier environment (reducing carbon footprints).

Why Work with An EcoBroker?


  • Sell for more, faster: an EcoBroker helps you highlight the energy-efficient features of your home and make the key upgrades, to increase your property’s value and help you sell faster.
  • Highlight the important benefits of your home: EcoBrokers are trained to market affordability and environmentally-sensitive and healthier features of homes.
  • Appeal to today’s green buyers: EcoBrokers are tech-savvy professionals who have access to and communicate effectively with today’s green consumers.
  • Make the pre-sale improvements that count in today’s market: EcoBrokers can help you green the home upgrades you were inclined to do anyway. Turn typical pre-sale upgrades into marketable, cost-saving and health benefits to buyers.
  • Through EcoBroker’s award winning curriculum, real estate professionals are trained to assist clients in their pursuit of properties that provide affordability, comfort and a healthier environment.


  • Knowledge: EcoBrokers are trained on energy efficiency and cost savings of proper insulation, windows, appliances, heating & cooling systems and other home features that affect your comfort and your energy bill.
  • Home Improvements:  An EcoBroker and their green network can help you improve environmental aspects of your home, everything from eco friendly floor coverings to the use of low VOC paints.
  • Energy upgrades and financing: your EcoBroker can help you get a home energy audit, identifying cost-effective energy upgrades and the specific monthly cost-savings. Get assistance with green financing tools that can actually pay for the upgrades.
  • Make a sound investment in a green property: A green property typically appraises for 10-15% higher than comparable conventional homes.