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Sellers’ Representation

Your home is as unique as you are!

A home is as distinct and individual as its owner, choosing a Realtor with the expertise, experience and dedication to represent your best interests and accomplish your goals makes all the difference. When sellers choose Nili, they choose a Realtor with an unparalleled commitment to impeccable service and an extraordinary work ethic designed to provide you with the results you deserve.

Today’s market demands sophisticated representation. Finding a Realtor and a firm with the experience, market knowledge, professionalism and client confidentiality to represent your best interests is what will determine how successful and seamless your experience will be. Nili Hudson, along with her team at Compass, will provide just that, tireless advocacy backed by over 35 years of experience and commitment to her craft.

Nili Hudson and Compass not only represent its clients in extraordinary ways, they know how to appropriately reach the perfect audience for each property and development project they represent. In this technologically advanced day and age with over 90% of all buyers beginning their searches on the Internet, being aligned with the most significant real estate organizations as Nili and Compass are, is crucial. Nili’s membership in numerous national and international organizations such as CRS, RRC, ICREA, and the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing enable her to broaden the scope of networking and marketing even further.

National and International Internet and Networking Affiliations

Each property that Nili brings to the marketplace bears its own unique and distinctive profile. Therefore, designing and managing a highly effective and targeted marketing strategy for each and every property is essential and insures that the property will be exposed to the greatest possible audience of potential buyers and investors. Nili’s exhausting and unparalleled approach to marketing is complex, unique and distinct for each property.

Equally as important as the marketing of your home are the myriad details both before and after your home is put on the market. This includes preparing the home for sale, negotiating contracts, handling inspections, completing retrofit requirements, meeting contingencies and time periods for performance and all other various aspects of Escrow. These are the details that Nili and her partners take care of with ease, allowing Sellers to experience as seamless a process as possible.

From Nili’s perspective, selling a home is an exacting process and sellers deserve to get the utmost in professional representation. Nili also believes that every seller should be as equally invested in the person they hire as they are to the outcome they are seeking. This is precisely why Nili doesn’t just talk about excellence, she delivers! The satisfaction of every client, from the beginning to the end of each transaction is the result of her patience, hard work, and diligence and is the mainstay of her outstanding reputation and client loyalty, since beginning her career in 1986!

Living well is everything!