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12 Best Grilling Tools to Stock Up for the Summer, Wellness Design Trends in Resale and more to know this week

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Wellness Design Trending Strongly In Resale, Remodeling And New Home Construction

Covid spurred you to improve the health potential of your home for the well-being of your family, but might these improvements also add to the value of your property? That is quite likely, given their growing popularity across the country. Which ones are worth considering, not just for your use, but for future resale? And which might increase the desirability and cost of a new home purchase? Read the story here.

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Herbie Hancock, ‘Black Panther’ and Christina Aguilera top the Hollywood Bowl 2021 schedule

Last summer marked the first time in the history of the Hollywood Bowl (which opened in 1922) that the beloved outdoor theater was forced to cancel an entire season of performances, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the iconic venue is back in action this summer, with more than 50 performances scheduled to take place in the coming months—all adhering to the latest reopening guidelines from Los Angeles County. Learn more here.

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These are the only rules that’ll remain when California reopens on June 15

So long, colored-coded tiers, algebraic capacity limits and bars that have to masquerade as restaurants to stay open: Come June 15, California is dropping most of the pandemic restrictions that we’ve all become familiar with over the past year. Read the story here.

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12 Best Grilling Tools to Stock Up for the Summer

To prepare for the beginning of grilling season and ensure you have all the necessary supplies to pull off an amazing backyard barbecue, you’ll want to stock up on the essentials: tools, accessories, and ingredients that’ll help you step up your grilling game. Here are some of my hands-down favorite grilling items that you’ll want to snag before the season gets into full swing (they start to sell out quickly once summer is here). Read the story here.

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The Best Time to Water Your Plants—& Why It’s Crucial

The perfect amount of rainfall is every gardener’s dream, but the reality is that almost every summer, there are stretches of hot, dry days when we need to water to keep our plants alive. The question of when it’s the best time to water your garden goes hand in hand with the question of how to water. To help you get the most out of that precious H2O, here are some watering basics.