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by Dallas Travers on Nili Hudson

We did not realize that selling a home didn't have to be a stressful experience until we worked with Nili. She is very knowledgeable, fast-acting, kind, and caring. Nili answered every question we had in detail, was always available for support, and helped us anticipate every step of the selling experience. Nili negotiated our sale masterfully, helped us maintain clear boundaries with the buyer, and took care of every detail. When we bought the house ten years ago, it felt like the blind leading the blind. But in Nili's hands, we felt secure, calm and at ease. Not to mention that the house sold within days, we got our asking price, plus a few extra perks. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

by Charlotte Tarantola on Nili Hudson

Nili sold me my first house, she sold me my last, and will sell me my next. I won't go anywhere without her on my journey in Los Angeles. This seasoned professional helps you every step of the way with insights and advice. She is patient and methodical... helping you navigate the amazing process of choosing your home. She will tirelessly research, compare, discuss and strategize with you. You will not find a more passionate and pragmatic hand-holding champion for your prize.

by Brian Harris on Nili Hudson

Nili, exceeded our expectations. She marketed our condo beautifully, generated a ton of interest and then negotiated on our behalf smartly. She kept us informed each step of the way and educated us when we needed it. I would recommend Nili highly, they don’t come any better!! Thank you Nili!

by Barbara Hall on Nili Hudson

Because of my work, I’ve had to move in, out and around Los Angeles several times during the last decade. During that time, Nili helped me buy three houses and sell two, as well as helping me find homes to lease. Each time, she made the process as painless as possible. She understands my practical and aesthetic needs and always guides me in the right direction. Together we have bought, sold and rented in all kinds of markets and she consistently gets the job done. A year ago I found myself shopping for a home in a very difficult seller’s market and she found me the perfect place at exactly the right time. I’m very happy there and don’t anticipate moving again, but it’s nice to know if I ever have to, she will be there to make it happen.

by Jill Langley on Nili Hudson

Nili helped us sell our house in Santa Monica. We live on the east coast and have had the same tenant in the house for the past 17 years. Nili educated us about the process, laid out our options at each point, and always emphasized that she would follow whichever option we selected. Her sale strategy was excellent, revealing her knowledge of the area and experience with the psychology of potential buyers. We had 6 offers within 5 days of the first open house. The house was in escrow less than 2 weeks after the listing went online. Nili was very considerate of our tenant, which was a priority for us, and she took care of many details which we could not see to because we were out of state. I can't recommend Nili highly enough. She is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with. She also has a fabulous support staff.

by Andrew Campbell on Nili Hudson

I am not easily impressed by most things or people and generally I don’t write reviews or buy into consumerism - period. Having said that, I am breaking those rules for good reason. Nili IS IMPRESSIVE. She is a professional who knows her stock and trade and it’s clear why she is successful. She guided us in terms of the price we should list our house for and told us what to expect. She was pitch perfect - we got more than we had hoped for and what she thought we would get. She knows the area, the market and the people. She is respectful, attentive to detail and has a genuine interest in her clients. She also has the patience and disposition of a saint. If I could leave a sample of my DNA here to verify the validity of my identity and this review, I would. This is real estate professional you need to call

by Bryan Hale on Nili Hudson

I worked with Nili to buy my first home... It was exactly what I wanted, a true (and major) fixer in Santa Monica. It was the least expensive home in the area at the time - and I would never have "won" the house without Nili. Beyond that, as a first-timer, she walked me through the home buying process - giving me the confidence to lock in and make the purchase. Most remarkably, the property had THREE all cash offers - almost guaranteeing that I would not get the house. But Nili worked with the sellers' agent to convince them I was the offer to take. She let them know I would follow through (unlike many all-cash offers) because I intended to fix it and live there - not tear it down to redevelop. Without Nili, her excellent negotiating skills and personability, I'd not have my home. (She also got a 20k price reduction on top of everything!) I was able to renovate, restore and renew the house. Nili has kept in contact and has been a great support though the entire process.

by Tom & Neela Hummel on Nili Hudson
Nili is a star!

Before my husband and I bought our first home, I had always thought that real estate agents made a killing on commissions. 3% of the sales or purchase price always seemed so high - was it worth it? After working with Nili, I would say that she is worth her weight in gold. If you are lucky enough to get to work with Nili, you will find her to be not only an amazing agent, but a wonderful person so full of integrity that you will also have a new friend. My husband and I were looking for a house for several months and we ended up with the house of our dreams. As we looked at various homes, Nili pointed out things I never would have thought about, all the while being very sensitive to what we wanted. She had great tips on things that had value and things that did not, which was critical help for first time homebuyers. She was 100% reachable, responsive, involved, and knowledgeable (she even answered a call on a gurney in the ER - seriously!) As this was our first home, she guided us through every single process and explained everything so clearly. She brought with her many years of good referrals to other professionals when it came time to do inspections. If you want an agent to go to bat for you and have your best intentions at heart, look no further.

by Susan Sherman & Dr. Lloyd Peckner on Nili Hudson

I have to pat myself on the back for choosing Nili as our realtor. She was amazing: knowledgeable, competent, and understanding. She pushed for the best possible price and got it, and then proceeded to guide us through the process, putting our interests first, while maintaining a good working relationship with the buyer. Who knew there was so much to know about selling a home? This was such an easy process with Nili at helm. My husband and I highly recommend her, for buyers and sellers you can't do better

by Eric Warmstein & Kevin Bothwell on Nili Hudson
An expert, hands-on professional who guides a real estate transaction from start to finish and beyond!

We have now had the pleasure of working with Nili on three real estate transactions: the purchase of a home, the sale of that home two years later, and the purchase of another home.

Nili has superior skill in researching property values within the context of the market. For the purchase of our first house, she was thorough and complete in providing information regarding comps as well as “context” within which the value of a property near the beach could be evaluated. She used this information to provide comprehensive communication to us, but also in using it to negotiate a reasonable yet competitive price. She wielded her skills and her knowledge in an aggressive yet always pleasant manner, reacted very quickly to compete effectively with multiple offers, and we got the house.

We were relocating from another city, so Nili took it upon herself to assist us long distance with the maintenance of the property, including finding us a gardener, an audio visual installer, and other professionals. She was our hands-on advocate from the moment of initial contact to the date we moved into the house and after.

This is precisely why we contacted her to assist us in selling the house two years later and in purchasing the house we currently own. And once again, she provided exact, careful advice and guidance through both processes, selling and buying. She created a very high end, impressive marketing approach, producing a gorgeous, informative selling flyer on the house for open-house visitors (of which there were over 100 the very first weekend the house was listed.) Parking can be difficult for a beach street property, so she contracted and coordinated valet parking for the open house, and placed signage intelligently so that potential buyers could easily view the house and property. She was exacting and comprehensive in the listing of the property on real estate websites (Trulia, Zillow, etc.) and even managed to garner a coveted listing on the front page of the L.A. Times Real Estate section. The house went to contract within 10 days of its initial listing.

On the purchase side, once again we were in contention with other interested buyers. And once again, Nili stayed on top of the negotiations from morning to late evening and maintained a level of constant communication that ultimately rewarded us with a contract. So on both purchases, while we were competing against multiple offers in a highly competitive market, Nili succeeded in procuring the properties for us.

Equally on the purchases and the sale, Nili was our champion during the inspection process – never sending an assistant or proxy – and production of punch lists and documentation with the seller. So much of this process relies on careful presentation of one’s written and verbal communication. Poise is needed; writing skills are needed; an appreciation for nuance and finesse is needed. Nili could conduct a master class in all three of these.

She is an extremely experienced real estate professional, an unrelenting advocate for her clients, and ultimately and thankfully for us, a treasured advisor and good friend.

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