New Years Reset: The Best New Workouts in LA

January 6th, 2020

Start the new year with a healthy lifestyle change. That doesn’t mean you need to change everything in your life, but incorporating a new workout class into your weekly routine can make all the difference in achieving your New Years resolutions, or just improving your mood and habits.

three women kneeling inside building at daytime

WundaBar Pilates

Multiple Locations

With multiple locations around LA (Studio City, Hollywood, Pasadena and more), The WundaBar Approach combines beautiful biomechanics and traditional Pilates with efficient movement, exceptional flow and a cardio-intense pace. The WundaFormer–a Pilates Reformer, WundaChair, Jumpboard and Ballet Bar all-in-one – brings four powerful apparatuses into reach for a wide audience and into the group class environment where previously, they had no practical application as separate pieces of equipment. The studios have a new client offer of 5 classes for $49.



608 Westmount Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069

P.volve is the opposite of a grueling, high-impact, painful workout. Instead, you’ll find a safer, functional movement-based method to help you achieve the beautiful, natural muscle tone and healthy results you want. You’ll even enjoy it. First-time studio goers will receive two classes for the price of one ($32).


627 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood

The West Coast outpost of one of New York City’s most prestigious and exclusive gyms has arrived in West Hollywood – the Mecca of all things health and fitness. Founder Kirk Meyers who is known to have trained every Victoria Secret angel, every in-the-know Hollywood star and even the occasional Million Dollar Listing agent provides personal training with a customized approach to fitness including body metric assessments and nutritional programs. For more information on memberships and pricing contact


8354 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

When you experience an injury or pain, or you want to actively perform better, it’s difficult to understand who you should see. Vinh Pham, a physical therapist, and Scott Marcaccio, his patient, both understood this was a frustration many people shared. Knowing there was a better alternative, Myodetox was started in 2015 – a clinic with a team of expert therapists that leverage their system of manual therapy and movement programming designed to get you out of pain and moving at your full potential. Athletes and workout enthusiasts alike were thrilled to hear that Pham chose West Hollywood to be his first US-based location. 60-minute initial physical therapy sessions start at $95.


113 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles

This energizing 60 minute experience is an intense, balanced, full body workout that’s adaptable to every level of fitness. The class is meticulously designed by Marnie Alton to give you everything you need for the day in one sweaty hour. You will experience elongating sculpt, uplifting cardio and deep flexibility training. The class’s focus is form and mindfulness; which accelerates results and creates deep, dynamic strength. Class is done barefoot to improve posture and alignment through your entire kinetic chain. Movements are choreographed to badass beats and chromotherapy is used to increase harmony and health benefits. No previous dance or barre experience is required. New client special for 1 month of unlimited classes starts at $99.

Bandier Studio B

8101 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

The West Coast outpost of the trendiest boutique fitness studio and athleisure store from NYC finally arrived in West Hollywood. Bandier is your one stop shop for the most unique workout clothing from brands like Alala, P.E. Nation and Nike, as well as a boutique fitness studio offering classes like barre, dance cardio and yoga from the best boutique fitness studios from NYC to LA. New York’s 305 Fitness, The Amanda Kloots method and LA favorite Aubre Winters can all be found teaching classes at this studio. Following your workout, be sure to stop by the in-house cafe operated by Costa Mesa’s Coffee Dose for a matcha latte or one of their prescription CBD-infused drinks. Single classes start at $30.

The Barboza Method

7611 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Stefanie Barboza created a workout blending Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet using the body’s weight as natural resistance—no machines or equipment necessary. The entire workout is done on the floor—but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s easy! Even the strongest athletes have felt the burn in this class. The Barboza Method is taught in a custom-designed studio with mirrors on the ceiling. With mirrors all around, you can watch your body’s alignment and self-correct when you get out of line. Posture is key at this studio, and Stefanie wants to give you the tools to help you achieve the best possible results.