Step Inside Fashion Designer Rick Owens’s Striking Venetian Home

August 17th, 2018

Iconic American fashion designer Rick Owens has welcomed the internet into his Venice, Italy, home for the first time, and we’re glad he did. The California native has essentially applied the same design principles that govern his clothing designs to a physical space, and the end result is just as striking and boundary-pushing as his eponymous […]

Talking Beauty, Books, and Building with Meredith Baird

August 15th, 2018

Meredith Baird is in the business of living better. The founder of natural beauty brand Nucifera (you may have heard of their balm, a certified cult favorite) is a raw food chef, co-author, and coconut evangelist. Her book, Coconut Kitchen, put her on the map as an expert of “nature’s most beautifying superfood.” We caught […]

Tips for Making Your Home Feel More Considered

August 13th, 2018

It should come as no surprise that a well-designed, streamlined home can have a direct impact on our overall well-being, says Homepolish interior designer Liz Lipkin. “Furniture layout, light, air quality, and even color can influence how we interact with a space and, as a result, have an effect on our mood.” To create a […]