The Best Outdoor Patios in LA, How to Buy a Fire Pit and more to know this week in LA

February 22nd, 2021

Real Estate in the News

white and red wooden house miniature on brown table

How To Stop Renting And Buy Your First Home This Year

The real estate market is hot, and experts predict that it won’t be cooling off anytime soon. The good news is that low mortgage rates have made it possible for many people to buy their first home earlier than planned. Renters everywhere, especially the 12 million Americans spending more than half of their income on rent, would be well served to at least consider whether now is the right time to buy a home. Read the story here.

Local Events & Happenings

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How, where and when will I be able to get the vaccine in L.A.?

Already confused by the past year’s onslaught of reopening phases and tiers? Well, here’s yet another series of phases and tiers to familiarize yourself with. Learn more here.

gray and green train

Metro might make bus and rail service free in Los Angeles

Metro has provided a brief update on its free fare proposal: A fareless pilot program could launch with free bus and rail trips for low-income riders and K–12 students. The test period would start for low-income riders in January 2022 and students in August 2022; both would run until June 30, 2023. After that, it would then be up to the Metro board to decide how they want to move forward with its fareless system initiative. Get the story here.

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The Most Unique Patios In LA

From plant-packed green houses to massive Japanese castles, and a secluded garden filled with rare gems, here’s 10 Totally Unique, Talented, Brilliant, Incredible, Amazing, Showstopping, Spectacular, Never The Same, Completely Not Ever Been Done Before patios in LA.

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

11 Upcycling Hacks to Win at Pantry Storage

Is it weird to say that one of my passions in life is organizing cabinets? I find it incredibly satisfying when pantry items are neat and accessible, and I’m forever buying bins and baskets to help organize my pantry ingredients. However, the cost of these little items can add up (not to mention that it’s single-use plastic, which isn’t exactly an eco-friendly choice), and it got me thinking: There’s got to be a better way to keep cupboards organized with things I already have around the house. Get the story here.

bonfire on fire pit

How to Buy a Fire Pit, ‘Cause Baby It’s Cold Outside

There’s something magical about gathering around these big bowls of fire that keep a frosty winter at bay. It’s comforting and primal and ritualistic (in the best sense of the word). It’s also fast becoming clear that these objects are no passing trend—they’ll likely remain a permanent fixture in our immediate landscape. Get the story here.

green vegetable on white ceramic bowl

Recipe: Miso-Braised Kale With Multigrain Rice

It’s a harrowing task: preparing a healthy meal that the entire family, including my persnickety kids, will eat with gusto. This nutrient-rich, decidedly grown-up rice bowl is just that. Plus, it comes together in under 30 minutes. For our family of five, I double the recipe. Leftovers are my answer to a fast-casual lunch bowl the next day. Get the recipe here.