Things to Do in LA for Valentine’s Day, The Perfect Pasta Recipe and more to know this week

February 8th, 2021

Warm wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day. We hope you celebrate it by doing all the things you love. Read on for everything you should do this month and discover lifestyle tips curated just for you!

Real Estate in the News

black laptop computer turned on beside green plant

Ready Or Not, Real Estate Industry Undergoing High-Tech Makeover

Property technology deals are expected to accelerate this year as Covid-19 forces the digital transformation of an industry historically resistant to change, executives and others say. Read on to learn more.

Local Events & Happenings

potted pink petaled flowers on table

14 very L.A. ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a pandemic

Time in a pandemic moves like college: slow and stressful in the moment, but gone in a flash. If you looked up (like us) and Valentine’s Day was closing in fast, no worries — The LA Times rounded up COVID-safe date ideas in and around Los Angeles for you.

French macaroons with different colors

10 Black-owned businesses in L.A. to celebrate for Black History Month

As Los Angeles and its residents continue to experience its share of challenges in the current climate, there’s one thing that’s clear: Black businesses are pushing against the odds. Amid all of the continuously rising obstacles, there are a handful of Black bakers, creatives and stores in Los Angeles that are either just opening or still standing firm while also positioning their products and services to the greater community at large. Learn more here.

highway in the middle of mountain with vehicles passing by

The best secluded getaways from L.A.

If your best weeekends don’t involve seeing strangers, then these secluded getaways from L.A. might be just the ticket. Luckily, the city is surrounded by gorgeous national parks, forests and mountains to provide you with tons of natural beauty and a little isolation without skimping on things to do. Check them out here.

Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

Recipe: Rigatoni With Vodka Sauce

Like many classic pasta dishes, say, carbonara or amatriciana vodka sauce has a pretty specific formula, yet people still have extremely strong opinions about how their way is the only way to make the stuff. Get the recipe here.

green and pink plastic container

The Best Ways to Store All Your Fruits & Vegetables

There are plenty of tricks to keep lettuce crisp, carrots crunchy, berries un-mushed, potatoes unsprouted, herbs perky…and that’s only the beginning. From the best places in the kitchen to store the produce to how to store everything, there are plenty of dos and don’ts. So you never have to wonder—or bite into a limp radish—ever again, here’s the ultimate guide to the best ways to store fruits and vegetables.