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The Resurgence of the California Luxury Market, The Best Tacos in LA, and more to know this week

August 31st, 2020

Real Estate in the News

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Multiple Offers And Bidding Wars Return To California’s Luxury Market

Multiple offers and bidding wars return to California’s luxury market. Despite a severe economic downturn in many sectors, California’s luxury real estate market is on a high. Read the full article here.

Local Events and Happenings

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12 beachfront Airbnbs in L.A. for a coastal escape

Whenever we visit one of L.A.’s best beaches, we come away wishing we lived there. Sure, you could check into a hotel on the beach, but it’s just not the same. But these beachfront Airbnb rentals—these are probably the closest we’ll ever come to being able to afford an apartment on the water. So we got to searching to pick out some of the best beachfront Airbnbs along the L.A. coastline, from Malibu down to Long Beach. Learn more here.

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All of L.A.’s outdoor movies in one calendar

This year is all about the drive-in movie theater. And sure, things might be a little different (we’re pretty sure we never uttered the phrase “social distancing” last summer) but moviegoers can still pack together some picnic food and catch films both old and new. (If you’re looking for a fun date idea, this one takes the cake.) Check out the calendar here.

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The best tacos in Los Angeles

We live in a taco lover’s paradise. From Santa Monica to Commerce, Compton to the Valley, the streets are paved with tacos. Los Angeles is where people from across the country flock to try every possible variation: from crab to carnitas, $8 tacos at a cheffy pop-up to $1 tacos at a perennial favorite in an alleyway, new California cuisine to tacos auténticos representing regions all over Mexico. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, if you want to get intimate with this city, skip the tour of where the stars live and take a tour of the best tacos in Los Angeles. Click here for the full list.

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

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A Professional Baker’s Tips for a Clean, Calm Kitchen

The first step to better, happier cooking? Setting up a tip-top kitchen. We’re talking one that’s stocked with essential tools and ingredients, organized so everything you need is close at hand, and sparkling-clean from floor to ceiling. Food52 is here to make it happen. Check out these tips from Boston-based chef and cookbook author, Joanne Chang here.

The 17 Best Instant Pot Recipes to Cozy Up With This Fall

If patience isn’t your virtue, then these hearty fall Instant Pot recipes are perfect for you. Waste no time in the kitchen and make perfectly tender beef, rich chocolate cakes, and comforting macaroni and cheese dishes in a matter of minutes to feed the whole family. If you haven’t already invested in this multi-functional appliance, then these recipes may convince you otherwise! Check them out here.

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18 Dreamy Small Bathrooms So You Can Finally Embrace Your Own

I’m clearly far from the only person who is working with a teeny bathroom space, and the internet’s home decor experts have found so many ingenious ways to make small bathrooms feel fun, personalized, and welcoming. Here are some of the dreamiest IG bathrooms I’ve found so far! (Spoiler alert: A lot of them are in Europe, where bathrooms are actually closet-sized.)

A New Hotel Opens in Glendale, How to Host a Dinner Party during Covid, and more news to know this week

August 24th, 2020

The final stretch of summer is here! Whether you’re cranking up the BBQ or enjoying some time outdoors, we wish you plenty of sun and fun. Below you’ll find a few local happenings, insider tips and lifestyle content curated for the season. Enjoy!

Real Estate in the News

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The legendary Chateau Marmont could turn into a private club soon

Hotelier André Balazs plans to convert the iconic space by the end of the year.

Local Events & Activities

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Glendale’s Primo New Hotel Gets Lobby Restaurant and Rooftop Cocktail Lounge

A new boutique hotel called the Glenmark quietly opened in Glendale this month. The Marriott-owned Tribute Portfolio hotel lands at 1100 N. Brand Boulevard north of the 134 freeway, featuring 85 rooms and a trio of dining options, including a new rooftop bar.

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Inside Little Dom’s Seafood, Opening Up the Coast from LA

The team behind longtime Los Feliz hot spot Little Dom’s is ready to expand into Carpinteria, the surfside city well up the Central Coast. The new Little Dom’s Seafood sits just blocks from the beach south of Santa Barbara proper, and starting this week will offer a casual mix of red sauce basics and seafood staples like uni, oysters, crudos, and more.

Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

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So, Can I Have People Over for Dinner Now?

From whether you should use disposable utensils to how to social distance outside, here’s Curbed’s best advice for entertaining during coronavirus. Learn more here.

A Fully Restored 1949 Neutra House in South Pasadena

By far the most prominent of the approximately 30 architects who participated in the midcentury Arts & Architecture magazine’s Case Study House program, Richard Neutraproduced plans for four of the project’s 36 homes. See more here.

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Herby Biscuit Tomato Sandwiches

Summer marks a special time in my kitchen—suddenly there’s less handling of ingredients, and I can just cut a peach or cucumber and call it lunch. One such simple pleasure is the tomato sandwich. There aren’t many things I wait a full year to indulge in, but tomato sandwiches definitely fall into that category. Check out the recipe here.

Plan the Perfect Road Trip, Escape to the Beach and more fun ideas for this week in LA

August 17th, 2020

The final stretch of summer is here! Whether you’re cranking up the BBQ or enjoying some time outdoors, we wish you plenty of sun and fun. Below you’ll find a few local happenings, insider tips and lifestyle content curated for the season. Enjoy!

Real Estate in the News

Compass Produces AI Tool for Home Renovations

Compass engineers have developed a room recognition tool that matches a client’s home with similar, completed projects. The AI feature allows agents and their clients to browse pictures of similar projects, analyze the sales data and use the information to determine if a renovation will help with selling. Read More.

Local Events & Activities

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Planning A Road Trip?

Traveling with family and friends limits contact with others, and those travel companions are likely to be the same individuals you’ve quarantined with over the past few months. Checkout this great guide of things to know before planning a road trip: Read More

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Feeling an Extravagant Day at the Beach?

Checkout Bliss Beach! A beach concierge with lounges and picnics on-demand.  Fun for the whole family! Learn More

The 8 most amazing treehouse rentals worth driving to from L.A.

brown wooden house in the middle of green trees

Itching to get out of town, but not super stoked on camping or shelling out big bucks for an uninspired hotel stay? We hear you. Our favorite short-term alternative living option? A treehouse, of course. Maybe it’s nostalgia from our childhood, or some deep-seated desire to commune with nature on a level we rarely get to these days. Whatever the reason, we all go nuts over living quarters suspended in the sky, hugged by trees and kissed by the breeze. To stoke your wanderlust, we’ve created a list of some of the top treehouse rentals worth driving to from L.A. Happy adventuring!

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

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Where Can Americans Travel Right Now?

With all of the rules and regulations, figuring out where Americans can travel at the moment is no easy task—so we’ve done the work for you. Here are the countries that are open to U.S. travelers right now according to AFAR.

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Kitchen Appliances You’ll Be Proud to Leave Out on the Counter

As the clunky workhorses of the cookware family, appliances have historically appeared drab and dull. But with new, aesthetically driven products on the market, that’s about to change. Gone are the days when entertaining meant hiding your unsightly appliances under the sink or shoving them into a corner of your tiny kitchen. Instead, with options as stylish as they are functional, you’ll want to make permanent space on your countertop to show them off for the world to see. Read on for our favorite design-forward appliances to brighten up your kitchen here.