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18 Epic Sandwiches in LA 🥪, What’s Open Now 🛍 and Lifestyle Tips to Know This Week 🧺

July 6th, 2020

We’re officially in the swing of summer, which means enjoying the sunshine, readying for fireworks and planning more backyard BBQ celebrations. Check out a few inspiring stories as well as insider tips and lifestyle content curated just for you.



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18 Epic Sandwiches in Los Angeles

Sandwiches are quite possibly the world’s most perfect, self-contained food, and Los Angeles boasts more than a handful of greats. From the French dip at Philippe the Original to the Godmother at Bay Cities and the #19 at Langer’s, there’s no shortage of sandwich excellence in and around the Southland. Here now, are 18 epic sandwiches to try in Los Angeles.

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Here’s what’s open in Los Angeles right now

Los Angeles has taken some pretty big steps toward reopening—but things may seem just as confusing as when places started closing in March. Six indicators, five pillars, four and five-stage plans: The state, county and city-level reopening plans can seem impenetrable, so we thought we’d cut right to it and let you know what’s open in Los Angeles right now.

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Grilled Corn & Barley Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette

This salad is best at the peak of summer when corn is most sweet, fresh, and juicy. Its light, crisp flavor makes a delicious side dish when served with grilled meats, or it can also stand alone as a light lunch. Check out the recipe here.


Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

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The Best Products for Organizing Your Fridge, According to Organization Experts

For many of us, our refrigerators have never been more full. With restaurants only starting to open up, we’re all still cooking more than ever and grocery shoppingcontinues to be a once- or twice-a-week haul. If you find yourself forgetting about those scallions you bought last month or struggling to fit as many cans of seltzer in the crisper as possible, there is a solution: organizing your fridge. Learn more here.

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How to pick the best outdoor furniture at any budget

Outdoor spaces in our stay-at-home world are more important than ever before. Whether you have a small balcony or a sprawling backyard, a bit of fresh air is key to fighting quarantine fatigue. Learn more here.

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These 15 Stylish Front Porches Will Inspire You to Redecorate Yours

If there’s one mistake most dwellers are guilty of it’s not paying enough attention to the spaces outside of your home. While we appreciate an impeccably designed living room and a dining space curated to a T, you’d be remiss not to decorate your front porch with an equal amount of flair as any other room inside of your house. Learn more here.


Summer Color Trends to Inspire 🛋 The Most Beautiful National Park 🏕 & more news to know this week

July 1st, 2020

We’re officially in the swing of summer, which means enjoying the sunshine, readying for fireworks and planning more backyard BBQ celebrations. Check out a few inspiring stories

as well as insider tips and lifestyle content curated just for you.


Real Estate in the News

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California considers sweeping relief for renters, landlords

In two ambitious proposals to help the state recover from the coronavirus, California senate leaders on Tuesday unveiled new plans to provide long-term aid for struggling renters and landlords and create a $25 billion economic recovery fund. Read the story here.


A Night at the Movies: Summer Streaming

Grab the popcorn, get comfy and dim the lights. Just because theaters are closed doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this summer’s hottest new movies and shows. Check out this list for some binge-worthy titles releasing this month, perfect for a night in!

Stuck Home for the Summer?

Don’t let quarantine and canceled vacation plans get you down. Read on for helpful tips on checking in with the kids and keeping the whole family happy and healthy this season.

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

9 Summer Color Trends to Inspire you this Season 

From lush greens to red wine colors, these rich shades will amp up any space. With warmer weather finally here, we’re focusing on the summer color trends that are defining the design industry this season. Elle Decor has compiled the full list.

23 of the Most Beautiful U.S. National Parks 

You don’t have to travel out of the United States for sights that will take your breath away. In the United States, we are surrounded by so many majestic and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Read Elle Decor’s list of top national parks you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

15 Impossible-to-Kill Outdoor Plants

As things heat up this summer, it’s hard not to admire the yards and gardens around town that are filled with greenery and colorful blooms. If you’ve always assumed that your yard was too dry, too shady, or that the soil was too sandy to support such beautiful plants—guess again. Real Simple has compiled a list of show stopping plants to add to your curb appeal.