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Halloween in Los Angeles

October 28th, 2019

While fall foliage is sparse in L.A., there’s no shortage of Halloween spirit. It’s October, so there are precious few weeks left to hit up costume stores and stockpile some of the best Halloween candy. You’ll find plenty to do among the street fairs, Halloween parties and other fun festivals in L.A. in our October events calendar. Here’s everything to know and everywhere to go for Halloween in Los Angeles!

two lighted jack-o-lanterns during night time

Oogie Boogie Bash

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim
The Nightmare Before Christmas’s bug-stuffed sack has taken over the Halloween duties at Disneyland, moving the theme park’s annual after-hours, specially ticketed seasonal event across the way for the debut of (the sold-out) Oogie Boogie Bash at California Adventure. Here’s the gist if you’ve never been to Disneyland’s previous seasonal parties: Halloween spirits begin to materialize around both parks just after Labor Day with glowing decorations and spooky ride overlays, but this five-hour ticketed event throws in a bunch of exclusive Halloween entertainment with the promise of considerably shorter wait times for select rides. Tickets.

Urban Death

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, North Hollywood

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group hosts a chilling series of vignettes. Armed with a shoddy flashlight to illuminate the their path, guests navigate a labyrinth of terror before enduring a series of shocking scenes that will unsettle even the most stoic of horror fans. Tickets.

“Natural History of Horror”

Natural History Museum, USC/Exposition Park
It’s alive. It’s alive! The Natural History Museum is taking a look at the science and history that inspired some of film’s most iconic, hideous creatures. “Natural History of Horror” will tackle scientific discoveries, like early experiments in animal electricity and the excavation of King Tut’s tomb, and explore how they influenced old-school monster movies, like The Mummy and Frankenstein. Learn more here.

‘Psycho’ Live with Orchestra

The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Downtown Historic Core
The LA Opera and the Theatre at Ace Hotel once again join forces for a chilling mash-up of opera and film. Hole up in the Ace’s gothic auditorium for a screening of the 1960 Alfed Hitchcock classic, Psycho, complete with a live accompaniment from LA Opera Orchestra—we can already hear that iconic string motif from Bernard Herrmann’s score. Stick around after the October 26 performance for the Ace’s “A Hitchcock Halloween,” a haunted costume party in the hotel theater’s cathedral-like lobby. Tickets.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Old Zoo, Griffith Park
Like seemingly all pop culture horror experiences right now, this year’s Haunted Hayride will set the action in the mid-’80s in the ficticious town of Midnight Falls. Based on the early concept images, we’re getting vibes that fall somewhere between road culture of Sons of Anarchy and the isolation of Twin Peaks. The Old Zoo tradition, now in its 11th installment, has always borrowed and reworked a bunch of props and costumes from previous years, but organizers insist that the design elements of this year’s event are entirely new. Tickets.

Dark Harbor

Queen Mary, Long Beach
The only thing better than a haunted attraction is a haunted attraction on a giant boat. You’ll find all the usual horrors here—fog, mazes and countless monsters. What sets Dark Harbor apart is its use of its surroundings; the dark, cramped confines of the Queen Mary are already pretty spooky even without monsters—just be prepared to climb a lot of skinny staircases. There’s also an R.I.P. Lounge (see what they did there?) if you’re looking for a first-class experience (fewer monsters, more booze). Tip: Arrive early for the $20 “Happy Haunting Hour” from 6 to 8pm, where you can calm your nerves with a spiked potion at a pair of tap rooms. Tickets.

Nights of the Jack

King Gillette Ranch, Santa Monica Mountains
Stroll across the scenic King Gillette Ranch as the Santa Monica Mountains hideaway is illuminated with thousands of hand-carved jack-o’-lanterns. This year, a partnership with Nickelodeon is bringing pumpkins inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants and an Are You Afraid of the Dark pre-show space. And for the adults, make sure to sip on Halloween cocktails at the Spookeasy Bar. Tickets.

October’s Real Estate News & Local Happenings: Los Angeles

October 21st, 2019

 With fall upon us in full force, we’re making the most of every minute of festive fun. Here’s everything to know and everywhere to go this month!


Real Estate in the News

Here’s how California’s rent control law would work

Within the next few weeks, the governor is expected to enact rent control in California by signing Assembly Bill 1482. Read more here.

group of people sitting on raw gray chairs

Local Events

Rooftop Cinema Club

The masters of alfresco rooftop movie viewing have returned for another season of screenings in Hollywood and Downtown L.A. Known for excellent film choices and a steady supply of snacks and booze, Rooftop Cinema Club is your snazzy, comfortable and less stressful alternative to other outdoor movie screenings. You don’t even need to bring your own blanket or camping chair—Rooftop Cinema Club provides you with your very own comfy lawn chair, as well as blankets on request for the ultimate cozy experience. And instead of listening to the movie over loudspeakers, you’ll get a set of wireless headphones so you never have to miss a word. Learn more.

stage light front of audience

Thom Yorke

Greek Theatre, Griffith Park

Don’t expect many Radiohead songs in singer Thom Yorke’s solo shows. The iconic frontman instead focuses almost solely on his solo material—with tracks from The Eraser and Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes—with an Atoms for Peace track or two thrown into the mix. This fall, he’ll be performing with Nigel Godrich and Tarik Barri under their Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes moniker. Learn more.

Tips and Tricks

10  Ways To Make Your Bedroom Better For Sleep

A whole host of things could be standing between you and the seven to nine hours a night that doctors recommend clocking in bed: Stress and anxiety, out-of-whack hormones, and a poor diet being a few common culprits. Your sleep environment is another huge one, and, unlike the others, it’s well within your control. Learn more.


bird's eye photography of body of water


This is how Much you Need to Make to Own a Home in Every State 

Ever dream of owning a home on the coast of sunny California? How about in the rolling foothills of Vermont? Now you can find out exactly how much those dreams will cost you. determined the cost of an average home in each state by pulling the medium home prices from Zillow, calculating monthly payments with a 4-5% market interest and a 10% down. Read the story here.

October’s Real Estate News & Local Happenings: East LA

October 14th, 2019

With fall upon us in full force, we’re making the most of every minute of festive fun. Here’s everything to know and everywhere to go this month!

Real Estate in the News

Hollywood Races for Commercial Real Estate Spaces

Hollywood is running out of room! Unprecedented low vacancy rates in the single digits equals a competitive race from sound-stages to Class A creative office space from the Valley to the Pacific. Read more about the ever changing landscape here.

Local Updates


How LA Neighborhoods got their names

In the compact recorded history of Los Angeles, a surprising number of neighborhoods, developments, and village names have come and gone. From Los Feliz to Compton, read the origin stories of 13 cities and neighborhoods here.


44 Things To Do This Halloween in Southern California

Halloween is more than a month away, but there are ample ways to start celebrating in Southern California right now. From immersive experiences to theme park scare zones, zombie walks and horror flicks, we found 40 essential Halloween happenings here.


Tips and Tricks

Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Pumpkin bread should be quick to come together, confident in pumpkin flavor, and moist as can be. Our test kitchen set out to nail all of those components—and then some—to create a pumpkin bread that’s everyday enough to make on a whim, but addictive enough to crave all fall and winter long. (Do we need to tell you that it’s ridiculously good with coffee? You knew that already.)