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15 Décor Tips We Learned From Instagram

October 30th, 2017

Here at MyDomaine HQ, we’re regularly scouting the latest designer projects, celebrity renovations, and insider-approved decorating tips. But if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that sometimes the best sources of inspiration are right in front of you. Whether that’s the nook in your go-to corner cafe, a coffee table book you’ve had for years, or (as in our case) your community of like-minded design lovers on your Instagram feed.

Keep scrolling to see the 15 décor tips we learned from our Instagram feed.

Work in prints to give a neutral color palette some oomph.

Mix textiles to make a little nook cozy.

Stack books of inspiration in open spaces for a designer’s touch.

Set the tone of your home with an entryway console styled to perfection.

Personalize your space with an eclectic gallery wall featuring different styles of art and frames.

Go dark for a striking powder room.

Soften kitchen floors with a runner.

“Remodel” your kitchen with an upgrade in hardware.

Breathe new life into your home by bringing the outdoors in.

Mix and match your glassware for a vintage-inspired look.

Swap your armchair for a bohemian hanging chair instead.

Add in natural elements like warm woods or wicker for a relaxed space.

Embrace the ornate for a French-inspired room.

Balance function and design with industrial lighting.

When in doubt, count on a well-stocked bar cart to fill an empty space.


This article was originally published on My Domaine on August 24, 2017.

7 Ways to Design the Walk-In Shower of Your Dreams

October 27th, 2017

For many, a shower is a sacred place. It’s where we go to relax and unwind after a strenuous day or where we refresh and energize for the day ahead—not to mention all those deep thoughts and brilliant ideas that seem to come to us when we take a scrub. For all these reasons, the way your walk-in shower is designed can seriously impact your day. So why not make your shower the sanctuary you deserve?

Shannon Wollack, founder and partner, and Brittany Zwickl, principal designer and partner, both of Studio LIFE.STYLE,, say, “the best place to start is to evaluate how much space you have to work with.” Once you’ve done this, the creative opportunities are endless. No matter your theme, space, or budget, here are the walk-in shower designs of your dreams.


It’s not hard to see why this gorgeous bathroom turns heads: The skylight lets in plenty of natural rays, creating a bright, clean canvas that puts graphic tiles on display. “We made the walk-in shower feel bigger by using glass doors so that the space doesn’t feel too enclosed or cramped,” Wollack and Zwickl say. You definitely won’t feel cramped in this shower built for two. Mix and match bold lines and geometric shapes to re-create this statement look.


This white-on-white bathroom flows seamlessly into the walk-in shower, making the whole space feel light and airy. The “focus should be on how to make the walk-in shower interesting though unique tiles [and] fixtures,” Wollack and Zwickl recommend. The single color palette of this squeaky-clean white shower, along with the patterned tiles complement the white color while keeping the space interesting. Not ready to renovate? Refresh your tired bathroom with crisp white accessories, like a marble tray or a plush bath mat.


“If you are on a budget, the one part of the shower to invest in most is a beautiful stone or tile for maximum impact,” they say. This otherwise minimal walk-in shower-and-bathtub combo is completely elevated, thanks to the bold pattern of this bright blue tile. Don’t be afraid of a colorful, patterned tile if the rest of the shower is neutral—it instantly makes the room look luxe and well thought-out.


Wollack and Zwickl like to choose a theme that complements the rest of the bathroom when designing the shower. Get creative, and commit to a concept. This rustic, clay-walled shower is the ultimate inspiration. The color palette, floor tile, and accent pieces are completed with a decorative ladder that’s perfect for hanging towels. You’ll feel transported to another place every time you take a shower.


“We balance functionality with design by having each design feature serve a function. We do not use any extra items to clutter a walk-in shower,” the designers say. This no-frills walk-in shower combines functionality with design. The slate mosaic floor-to-ceiling tiles play beautifully with the practical hidden storage space in the wall. Try using a wooden stool like this for an extra shelf that also serves as a decorative element.


Embrace the unique designs that your shower may already have, like this beautiful arch entryway. Because these elements are already incorporated into the space, simple decorations like a hanging mirror and small accessories do the trick. To upgrade a walk-in shower without committing to a remodel, Wollack and Zwickl suggest switching out design pieces like your faucet fixtures to make the space feel new. These small swaps can transform the whole look of your shower.


The designers say that using subway tile is one of the most popular shower design trends right now. We love the way this modern bathroom incorporates the trend to complement the industrial shower head and geometric floors. Don’t be afraid to let your shower tile escape beyond the shower door for a cohesive look.

This article was originally published on My Domaine on August 24, 2017.

7 Living Room Storage Ideas for a Clutter-Free Space (of Any Size)

October 25th, 2017

Storage space is never easy to come by, but this is especially true in the living room, where you want to maintain a level of formality and comfort. This means it needs to be stocked with throw blankets, books, and magazines for cozy nights in while also having a place to tuck those aforementioned items away when guests come by. Since it’ll require some creativity to get the most out of every nook and cranny (particularly if you live in a small space), we came up with a list of seven unexpected and transformative living room storage ideas.

Some of these storage solutions are great for those redecorating or shopping for their first home, so they’ll require a bit more planning. We also made sure to include a few simple but less obvious tips that anyone with access to a hammer or an Amazon account can try in their own homes. So get organized and clutter-free by scrolling through our list of seven stylish living room storage ideas below.

Use Every Surface Area, and Opt for Clever Furniture

In this living room, we’re digging that the sofa provides extended storage with a built-in wood surface, proving that stylish statement furniture can also be functional and comfortable. Notice how it offers up a large side table and a backboard to hang your loose items, like a pair of headphones. If your space isn’t large enough for a sofa like this one or you’ve already invested in a sofa and don’t want to buy a new one in this style, the trick is to utilize all your surface areas to keep things looking clean.

Take advantage of every flat surface area in the room. Instead of cramming all your candles, succulents, books, and decorative objects on the coffee table, put some on the fireplace mantel and some on the windowsill. If you have an extensive magazine collection, stack them under the coffee table. Or pile them high, and use the magazine tower as a side table. Of course, you don’t need to leave your coffee table completely bare, but if you spread everything out throughout the space, it will look thoughtfully styled rather than messy.

Ditch Bulky Furniture, and Reach for the Ceiling

No matter how many nooks and crannies you utilize, sometimes there just isn’t enough room to store all your things. But that doesn’t mean your belongings have to stay strewn about your furniture and floors. Instead, think about ways to use your walls and ceilings to make your living room feel larger and more organized. Floating shelves are both stylish and functional, and hanging hooks are also a great way to keep linens, blankets, and hats nice and tidy.

We also love how this room used a bench to keep things nice and neat. Place a cushion on it or get it upholstered for a cozier feel, and then stack your books and shoes underneath it (something you can’t always do with bulky couches).

Consider Cubbies, and Use the Mantel

Cubbies are not just for kindergarteners. As you can see in this living room, a simple, cubby-like shelf can function as a great storage solution without taking the spotlight away from the statement pieces and overall ambiance. If you tuck them away in the corner, you can hide technology and other devices as well. You can hardly even see the speakers peeking out from behind the chic coffee table books in the image above, and our eyes are too busy looking at the abstract wall art anyway. Low, two-tier shelves or a bench with a shelf will do just the trick. If that still doesn’t provide you with enough storage space, start stacking your belongings atop the mantel or the windowsills like we suggested previously.

Display It on a Bar Cart

Bar carts are great because they function as makeshift shelves, side tables, and drawers. They’re particularly great for lofts and studios when the dining, kitchen, and living areas flow into each other. This is because they have qualities that seamlessly mix the casual vibe of a cooking area into the more dressy environment you’d try to achieve in a living room. In the room above, the bar cart is used traditionally, stacked with barware and spirits. You can just as easily use it to display your decorative items and store your necessities if you’re not worried about concealing them.

Reinvent What You Already Have

If you leave your blankets laying around, they can make your space feel more cluttered and less formal, so tuck them away when you aren’t using them. In the warmer months, it’ll probably just get in your way. And you don’t have to hide a beautiful throw blanket in a concealed dresser just because you aren’t using it; it can still be displayed if you let it peek out of a basket.

We love how effortlessly elegant this little corner looks. It’s the perfect example of how to stay organized in a small space or on a budget. Rather than just shoving everything into a closet or buying a large chest of drawers, you can make use of the furniture you already have. Who says an understated side chair can’t become a side table or that an affordable set of baskets can’t be treated as dresser drawers? The gorgeous photograph established just the right touch of refinement.

Get Accent Pieces That Double as Storage

We love how friendly and liveable this space is while also retaining a degree of formality. It was also designed with stylish storage solutions in mind. There’s a magazine rack between the two club chairs to minimize a large pileup on the coffee table, a ladder leaning against the wall to drape throw blankets, and a media console with shelves for anything that should be tucked away. And although you can’t see it in this image, there’s also a basket next to the ladder for other random knickknacks (this is a great option if you have kids who leave their toys around from time to time). Each storage solution also happens to be a stylish accent piece.

Consider Customizing Your Space

If you can afford to invest in customized furniture that provides built-in storage drawers, it’s definitely worth it. Not only will this add a more personalized touch to your home, but it’s also great for families with lots of belongings to organize and store. If your media console is already packed to the brim, you can tuck your remote controls and other devices in a drawer underneath your sofa. This living room also features a sitting area that’s built into the wall, which makes the room feel a lot larger.

If neither of these ideas seems feasible, opt for a sofa with space underneath, and place some bins or trays there to tuck your things away when guests come over. You were probably looking for an excuse not to vacuum under the sofa anyway, right?


This article was originally published on My Domaine on August 27, 2017.