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Interior Design Wednesday: Design We Love

August 30th, 2017

In this series we explore design inspiration from every corner of the web. This week we are featuring Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


We gave this formerly run-down, split-level ranch a thorough update. The main floor’s cramped, enclosed living areas were replaced with a bright, airy great room and an open kitchen, while the master bath was relocated to the back of the house where it now opens to a lovely garden. A restrained color palette—ebony floors, white walls, and textiles and tiles in various shades of green creates a modern but serene environment.


This project was the remodel of a condominium in an old industrial building.  The space was fairly small, only 870 square feet. The clients wanted us to create an open feeling, with lots of storage, room to host large groups, and a warm and sophisticated color palette. In response to this, we designed a layout that is inviting and more functional for cooking and entertaining. In contrast to the public spaces, the bedroom feels private and calm tucked behind a wall of built-in cabinetry.


This little house is where Jessica and her family lived for four years, while planning for and building their house.  It sits on a five-acre property on Sauvie Island, an agricultural island on the Columbia River 15 minutes north of Portland.  The house is an interesting experiment in reduction and reuse not only because it is only 540 square feet or because it was remodeled using nearly exclusively reclaimed materials, but because the building itself is now being recycled for the fourth time. It was first built in the early 1940s as part of Vanport Village; a quickly erected development built to house shipyard workers. When Vanport Village flooded in 1948 this particular little house was floated down the river to Sauvie Island, where it became the goose-check station for Sauvie Island hunters.  Years later it was remodeled to become a rental house.

When Jessica and Yianni bought the property they decided to remodel it without adding to the existing footprint. Their first step was to redesign the interior for maximum space efficiency. A ‘great room’ houses the kitchen, dining room and living room with large, comfortable, built in sofas that double as twin beds for guests.  The ceiling was opened up in the main space, but the bathroom and bedroom have lower ceilings to accommodate the parent’s sleeping loft above, accessible by a walnut ladder.

Explore the Library House in Portland, Oregon designed by Em Shephard

August 28th, 2017

This project was a complete remodel plus an addition to a small structure which was originally the public library in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland. When the library moved to a larger facility, this building was repurposed as a church meeting hall. Our clients approached us with the idea to transform the building into their home.  We were struck by how lovely the volume of the old library was and decided to keep the big open space to house a great room, with kitchen, dining and living areas. We enclosed the open front porch to create an entry and powder room, and added on to the side of the building to create two small bedrooms and a new bathroom.

Explore an Oregon Coast Home designed by Jessica Helegerson Interior Design

August 25th, 2017

We were called in to furnish this house on a beautiful stretch of the Oregon Coast.

The house is divided into three levels, each with its own common living space as well as adjacent bedrooms. We wanted to give each level a special feeling of its own. The upper level is light and elegant with a 16-foot-long sofa that curves gracefully on thin walnut legs, a handcrafted walnut lamp that curves to match the sofa, and a chandelier that reflects the ocean in hundreds of slightly irregular hand-blown glass drops.  The mid level is comfortable and warm with colorful rugs and cozy wing back chairs upholstered in linen and cowhide. We designed the game table and had vintage chairs upholstered to match it. The lower level is playful and casual with a big sectional clad in reclaimed barn wood and a boat transformed into a day bed that hangs from the ceiling.